This course is available to anyone wishing to explore oil painting, from a basic introduction to the handling of materials and formal language of painting, to more advanced exploration of concepts and techniques, all with the intention of developing rich creative strategies.

For information on our painting classes, please click here.

Classes run from 9 am to 4 pm. Please note that the terms are between 10 and 12 weeks in length, with occasional exceptions depending on the time of the year and the school timetables. Attending class on public holidays is optional but the studio will remain open. Missed classes can be made up in the subsequent term or on another day of the week. The ‘drop-in’ rate per class is R 300.

People signing up for more than one class, or paying cash are eligible for a discount.


As stated in the opening letter on our homepage I am encouraging use of the studio outside of the classes. The teaching studio is underutilized during the week, with classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I would be very keen for painters to come make use of the studio and continue their work on the days that I’m not there, knowing that I’ll soon be back to guide and advise. This is an important step to take for those considering taking their work more seriously and dedicating more time to it without the commitment and isolation of a private studio.  The fee is R 350 P/M, a nominal sum.


TERM 1 (12 Weeks).

Tuesday class: 22 January – 9 April.
Saturday class: 26 January – 13 April.

LONG TERM R 3360.00

TERM 2 (10 Weeks).

Tuesday class: 23 April – 25 June.
Saturday class: 27 April – 29 June.

R 2800.00


The schedule for the rest of the year will be released as and when arrangements with the new studio have been confirmed.

Please refer to the technical notes below for a comprehensive list of materials and their various applications, as well as a description of relevant terminology.

Cotton rags – Jars – Palette – Palette Knife – Zellen ‘Artist’s white spirit’*- ‘Zelkin’ or Winsor and Newton’s ‘Liquin’ – Brushes (Hog hair ‘filberts’, various sizes) – Linseed Oil – 7 Colours including: titanium white, one transparent blue, one transparent red, one transparent green and one transparent brown – Pre prepared canvas

*Artist’s White Spirit is a less-toxic solvent currently available at local art shops and alternative to ‘Odourless turpentine substitute’ or Zest-It, which are the available alternatives to Genuine Turpentine, on account of not allowing the latter in the studio.

Two WORK BOOKS: These are to be used for sketching ideas, making notes, gathering visual information and material. One is to be completely personal with the idea that thoughts and ideas you have but do not want to share are explored. The other is for more general use and for sharing ideas with me. These books are COMPULSORY.




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