Monday’s Undoing


“There is no ‘must’ in art, because art is free.”

                                                                                 Wassily Kandinsky


Spencer Street Studio presents a new painting class with Debbie Loots – one that’s a little unconventional.


Think about it as an “un” class, a space where you get to un-do, un-learn and un-think things you know about painting. Like rules, techniques, preconceptions. If you don’t have anything to unlearn we’ll teach you what to! It’s an opportunity to simply be intuitive and original. Unafraid. Even free.


We will be looking at ways to extract the essence from the image or situation you choose to paint – identifying the intrinsic quality that attracted you to it in the first place, that made you single it out to paint. Is there a specific feeling in the image? What emotion does it evoke in you? Those are the things we want to capture and express on the canvas.


What does sadness look like? What is the colour of happiness? The shape of fear? Can paintings have rhythm, like poems?


Painting is personal and the class will be conversational, relaxed and supportive, with one on one guidance from me as well as opportunities for group discussions about each other’s works. We might have to kill our darlings (alter or get rid of areas in your painting you hold dear but that could be holding you back) – dissect them, take them apart before completely reconstructing them – but it will be an exciting opportunity to grow into seeing and experiencing your practice in a new way.


The class is open to everyone, whether you are a seasoned painter, student, or novice. Are you frustrated with your practice and need to find new ways to approach painting? Think your work needs a fresh breath of life? Been taught one approach to painting and curious to try out others? Want to know what freedom looks like? Then Monday’s undoing class is for you.


About Debbie Loots


Debbie is an artist and writer.

In the eighties and nineties she studied Fine Art through UNISA, before completing her honours degree at Michaelis in 2010, majoring in Painting.

Since 2009 she’s continued her painting practice under the guidance of Julia and Douglas.

Debbie has taken part in several solo and group shows, most recently the Erdmann Gallery in Cape Town and Aardklop National Arts Festival in Potchefstroom.

She is working on a new body of work, and researching for a visual art PhD application at Stellenbosch centering around women’s art practice in South Africa.


In 2014, Debbie was awarded a master’s degree in Creative Writing through UCT. Her debut novel, Split, was shortlisted for three prizes and won the ATKV’s 2016 Prosaprys (Prize for Prose). She is working on her second book.


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