Tanya Sternberg’s exciting new body of work is going on show at State of the Art next week. It will be wonderful to see all the works together and I hope we’ll all come together to support her!

Life Studies

Life Studies ES

Hi all,

Evon has arranged an exhibition of some of her choice drawings from the last few years at the studio, we don’t get enough opportunities to see a body of work from the studio formalised like this and I hope you’ll come together to support and celebrate the occasion!







Link to Grow

Good morning all,

Suzanne Leighton is arranging another iteration of her Link to Grow charity auction and exhibition. This time it is in formal collaboration with Spencer Street Studio, and Debbie Loots acting as the coordinator from the studio’s side.

We spend a lot of time producing work and there are very few opportunities to “get it out there”, and see it in a different context where it can actually speak directly to a new audience and other works. This is a great opportunity to do that, and to support a small but very practical, important initiative at the same time.

Please see the attached invitation for all the details about the cause and logistics.

I look forward,



Artists' invitation

Artists' invitation pg2

f f f finally

Hi all, the studio has finally crawled onto the grand stage of 21C social media by creating a Facebook Page (it is my secret hope that this is a sign of the end times, if not for the universe as a whole, then at least that of Facebook itself). I’m very happy to announce  that Debbie, who’s launched our exciting new Monday class, will be maintaining the page with things of interest to and from the studio! Any painters keen to see what we’ve been up to in Drawing please check out the recent post of Thursday’s excellent work.


Best, D