Dear all,

The last year was another good and busy one, with lots of fine work coming out
of the studio. There will be a few changes for the year ahead, which I hope will
serve and suit you well.

Julia and I have discussed her role in the school, and for the foreseeable future
she will be continuing to pursue her opportunities in New Zealand. Upon
completion of her PhD she will be continuing with her own practice and
beginning work setting up the new curriculum of an art school there, so while
the door will always be open to her return to being the extraordinary teacher she
is, for the time being she will be stepping away from Spencer Street Studio and
leaving it to me. The only practical difference will mean a change in banking

I am closing the Monday painting class in order to have more consolidated time
for my own work. But more importantly I am making a slight change to how the
Tuesday and Saturday class work. I will be in studio from 9am until 4pm on
these days and I expect you to join me within these hours. This will allow those
for whom the afternoon is better to join later in the day and those for whom the
morning is better to arrive early, and for those without other obligations to make
use of the full day in studio.

The guidance and support of a teacher is invaluable in learning the remarkable
technical aspects of painting and colour, but I am also keen for you to have as
much time ‘behind the easel’ as possible: to make discoveries of your own and to
exercise the physical aspect of painting, mastery of which comes not just through
technical understanding but also through lot of practice and experimentation.
To this end I am formalizing my invitation for people to make use of the teaching
space outside of the class schedule. This is an excellent opportunity for those
who have the confidence to practice with the knowledge that I’ll soon be back to
consult and guide.

As some of you know, I launched a workshop in figurative sculpture at the
beginning of the year, hosted by the Bronze Age Studio in Woodstock. I see this
as a valuable supplement to the teaching program and will look to consolidate
the streams of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture under the same umbrella:

Finally, I would like to announce our studio exhibition opening around Easter,
this will be a survey of the great work to that’s been produced since our last
show and in the coming months.

Welcome 2019!