Welcome 2018!


2017 saw some wonderful work come out of the studio, exhibitions by Tanya Sternberg and Evon Smuts, not to mention Suzanne Leighton and Shay Davis’ Link to Grow charity show at the Cape Heritage Gallery which brought together works from many and raised funds for a great cause.

Unfortunately, the end of the year brought with it the sale of the studio space in which we have worked and thrived for the last decade. Our first term will continue in the Spencer Street premises and with the program basically the same, but we aim to make a few strategic changes over the course of the year.

Many of you have, during your time at the studio, developed all the skills and strategies you need to make and continue your work, and, most importantly, acquired the ways to learn and grow as painters. For those people, the studio has served predominantly as a securing of time and space and an opportunity to interact with others on similar paths. We would recommend that you take this opportunity to continue your work independently and with the support of private consultations that suit the rhythm of your practice.

For those in need of classes, we will be continuing a few weekly classes as we have done, yet these will be conditional to securing an appropriate space in which to do so on a regular basis.

Additionally, we are looking to run a series of short but intensive workshops designed to focus on specific practices in painting and drawing.

The studio website and blog are going to become an increasingly important portal through which to keep abreast of developments and encounter things from the worlds of art and painting that we deem interesting and relevant.

We look forward to a rich and exciting year in art and painting.


Julia & Douglas